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  • Partners of Italy, the U.S. Came to York Animation Discussing Animation Production

    On May 4th, the international animation masters from Italy and the U.S. came to visit Henan York Animation Film CO., LTD., located in 863 Central China....

  • York Animation gears itself into international market and forges “Chinese originality”

    On April 22nd, a team of foreign friends - production team of XrisP Animation Company - came to York Animation. XrisP is a new prominent company ....

  • [Strategic Cooperation of York Animation] Official Start of “Boys and Girls in Zhengzhou”

    On the morning of June 3rd, 2016, several municipal leaders of Zhengzhou, executive deputy general manager of York Animation as well as representatives....

  • Provincial television interview: York Animation lead Chinese culture to go out

    York Animation as Henan's first animation companies listed on the new three board, has been committed to the production of high quality animation....

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